The Success-Fueling Power of Persistence

The Success-Fueling Power of Persistence

We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to maintain success through Turn2 Marketing Concepts’ ongoing growth. One of the most important things we’ve discovered is the immense value of persistence. Here are a few strategies we’ve found especially useful in staying on the right track toward achieving our most ambitious objectives:

• Focus on Small Habits: When we pursue major goals, we break them down into smaller incremental objectives. The same is true for the actions we take to turn our plans into reality. We focus on micro habits that guarantee steady progress from day to day, building momentum toward bigger wins in the process.

• Write Down Goals: We’ve learned that putting our objectives on paper makes it easier to stay motivated through to successful outcomes. Writing our goals down makes them more tangible. We post them in places of high visibility so that we have constant reminders of what we’re trying to achieve.

• Visualize Success: Any time obstacles stand in the way of our Turn2 Marketing Concepts objectives, we remind ourselves of the positive visions we’ve had in our heads since day one. Whenever we need a jolt of motivation, we have successful images at the ready.

These techniques help us persist through any obstacles to reach our biggest personal and professional goals. For more of our insights on the value of persistence, follow Turn2 Marketing Concepts on Twitter.