Recognizing Tyler for His Promotion to Account Manager

Recognizing Tyler for His Promotion to Account Manager

David, President of Turn2 Marketing Concepts, just announced that Tyler was being advanced to account manager. He describes Tyler as hardworking, driven, and very talented, and we all look forward to seeing what Tyler achieves in his new role.

Recognition is a cornerstone of our Turn2 Marketing Concepts culture because we know how good it feels to be noticed for our efforts. Getting credit for our work and being respected by our peers are two top motivators for us. By giving each other this much-needed acclaim, we keep camaraderie strong and morale high.

We know that recognizing people when they hit goals in their personal and professional lives makes good business sense as well. When we make a point of showing gratitude, we encourage that person (or people) to repeat that same behavior, and to put forth even more effort. What’s more, by publicly acknowledging our team members’ victories, we create worthy role models within our organization.

As Tyler can attest, one of the most important tools we have for saying “Thank you” to those who embrace our company mission and values is internal advancement. In fact, we can think of no better way to let people know they are appreciated than by giving them an opportunity to advance in their careers. To see who moves forward in his or her career next, follow Turn2 Marketing Concepts on Twitter.