PRESS RELEASE: Turn2 Marketing Concepts Provides an Empowering Work Culture
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PRESS RELEASE: Turn2 Marketing Concepts Provides an Empowering Work Culture

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL – The President of Turn2 Marketing Concepts discussed the importance of team nights in building morale and trust. He also outlined a few hallmarks of the firm’s supportive work culture.

Team building is a central element of the Turn2 Marketing Concepts ethos. Dave, the firm’s President, also believes that group activities power its continuing growth as an industry leader. He explained that the variety of team-building events his associates enjoy lead to stronger bonds and enhanced trust throughout the office. Through office contests, trips to fun places like Dave and Buster’s, and even international excursions, team members develop new skills and sharpen their existing talents.

Dave also believes that associates are more willing to explore creative solutions to challenging projects when they enjoy regular morale-building activities. Members of Team Turn2 Marketing Concepts thrive in a climate of collaborative problem solving. Communication skills around the office get sharper with every office contest, team night, and travel event.

Frequent group activities are also helpful when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent. The President explained that investing in team bonds enhances loyalty among seasoned associates. Potential hires see real camaraderie in action as they research the company and when they visit the office for interviews.

Turn2 Marketing Concepts’ President on the Company’s Empowering Team Atmosphere

A shared vision of success is what fuels Turn2 Marketing Concepts’ ongoing expansion. Dave noted that any new addition to the team is surrounded by hard-working people who are determined to go the distance both personally and professionally. He also explained that team members encourage each other to set the bar higher with every big achievement. The firm’s workspace is one in which everyone wants to excel and help their colleagues thrive at the same time.

Ongoing training is another key facet of the Turn2 Marketing Concepts culture. Team members have plentiful opportunities to learn about emerging trends and methods both in and out of the office. At leadership conferences and other industry events, the firm’s associates sharpen their skill sets while also adding to their networks. Dave explained that learning alongside teammates makes the lessons learned even more valuable.

An emphasis on setting clear goals also bolsters the firm’s work atmosphere. Team members are encouraged to establish specific objectives from their first days on the job. By sharing their goals with teammates and measuring their progress, executives stay motivated throughout the process and forge stronger bonds at the same time.

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