Networking at a Holiday Party in Atlantic City

Networking at a Holiday Party in Atlantic City

One of the things Team Turn2 Marketing Concepts looks forward to most at the end of the year is the chance to celebrate the holiday season, and we attended a soiree that did not disappoint. This year select team members had a chance to travel to Atlantic City, New Jersey for a holiday party that brought top producers from all over the country together.

It was a great way to let off some steam after a busy year, plus there was also a raffle and a chance to support the Jay Fund. Considering the who’s-who guest list, it was also a phenomenal networking opportunity for those representing Turn2 Marketing Concepts.

To make sure that our people are poised to take advantage of chances like this to grow their contact lists, we share these strategies with them:

• Actively Listen: One of the best ways to be memorable to people we meet is to spend more time listening than speaking.

• Be Present: When we’re conversing with someone, we give them our full attention. There’s no need to scan the room to see who else we might be interested in meeting.

• Offer Value First: As we listen closely to what people say, we often identify needs that we can help them meet. In doing so, we become valuable members of their networks.

The holiday party was a great success, and we’re proud of everyone who qualified to attend. To learn more about the contacting strategies we share with our people before they attend prestigious events like this, like Turn2 Marketing Concepts on Facebook.